Rene Furterer

“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil”- Rene Furterer

Fascinated by nature, the French stylist René Furterer became familiar with the qualities of plants and essential oils early in his childhood. A pioneer in finding natural solutions for the hair as well as the scalp, he created the first spa for hair in Paris in 1957. As was the style in the 1950’s, many of his clients had over-bleached and damaged hair in their pursuit to achieve the sought-after Marilyn Monroe look. It was then, René Furterer realized that hair could only be repaired and revitalized from the roots of a healthy scalp. Thus a new personalized method using natural ingredients to treat both the scalp and hair was born and achieved immediate success.

Rene Furterer created a scalp and hair care method based on an old rural principle that says in order to ensure a good harvest, the soil must be enriched by preparing, plowing and sowing it with the best products. Founded on that original belief, Rene Furterer recommends an exclusive method to optimize the growth of strong, healthy and beautiful hair.

Rene Furterer has been a part of Perre Fabre Laboratories since 1980 which is one of the largest privately owned pharmaceutical companies in France and a worldwide specialist in phyto-cosmetology. This allows Rene Furterer to incorporate a careful and exclusion selection of pure essential oils and plant extracts from all over the world to deliver optimal results for any hair and scalp type. Rene Furterer combines the best of nature with pharmaceutical expertise for innovative, safe and effective products.